Nepal Earthquake Recovery Reconstruction and Resilience (3R) Project


"Nepal Earthquake Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (3R) Project" has been initiated focusing in Tanglichowk, Makaisingh, Ghyalchowk and Bhumlichowk VDCs of Gorkha District from May 2016 onwards.

ECO-Nepal along with its donor DCA had been implementing the Earthquake Emergency Project (EEP) in VDCs of Gorkha District since April, 2015, soon after the mega earthquake of 15th April, 2015. The project ran in various phases utilizing funds from DCA, NCA, ERD and Diakonie.The project covered more than 12 VDCs in the early phase of relief response. In the recovery phase, activities were more conncentrated in seven VDCs: Baguwa, Dhawa, Makaisingh, Tanglichowk, Ghyalchowk, Bhumlichowk and Chhekampar. The project ended in April 2016.

Owing to the success of the EEP and the need of the community, new project "Nepal Earthquake Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience Project" has been initiated focusing in Tanglichowk, Makaisingh, Ghyalchowk and Bhumlichowk VDCs. The project will be working on the progress made in the EEP in these VDCs and aim to establish a resilient community as a whole.     

Introduction to Nepal Earthquake Recovery, Reconstruction and resilience (3R) Project:

Project Title

"Nepal Earthquake Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (3R) Project in Gorkha District"

Project Goal

Comprehensively contribute to the recovery and resilience of earthquake affected communities in VDCs of Gorkha District

Project Objective

      WASH - Earthquake affected populations have access to safe drinking water and sanitation and exhibit change in hygiene behavior.

   Shelter - Vulnerable earthquake-affected household have safe, secured, and protected (multi-hazard resistant) shelter.

   Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Risk Reduction (EP/DRR) - Strengthen community, school and local authority to prepare for respond to and mitigate natural disasters

   Psychosocial Support - Vulnerable populations and target groups receive appropriate support and increase their resilience to deal with psychosocial challenges

      Early Recovery and Livelihood Restoration (ER/LR) - Restored and diversified livelihood options of targeted households

      Capacity building and Joint Action - Strengthened quality and accountability of ACT response with improved internal and external coordination and cooperation.

Proposed Locations

Makaisingh, Tanglichowk, Bhumlichowk and Ghyalchowk VDcs of Gorkha District

Proposed period

1st May, 2016 to 31st October 2017

Implementing agency

Environment and Child Concern Organization – Nepal (ECO- Nepal), Kathmandu

Major Sector

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Shelter Support, Livelihood promotion, Psychosocial Support and Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR)

Cross cutting themes

Assessments, Inclusion and Accountability

Targeting Marginalized Groups, Ensuring Community Participation and land use Plan of project VDCs

Targeted beneficiaries

Direct Beneficiaries: 4000 households, 22000 individuals of 4 VDCs




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